Beach Day 4th of August

Marjaniemen melojat - baddling club, and Marjaniemen purjehtijat - sailing club are organizing beach day at Marjaniemenranta 1 on Sunday 4.8.

Beach day is an event where you can try out different kayaks, sup-boards and sailing with optimist-boats. Event is especially suited for families to learn and try out various ways to move on water. There will be experienced paddlers and sailors to discuss with and to get tips from, or just to chat for fun.

Maritime safety professionals are also in the event and there will be possibility to test dry-suits. Kayak and boating retailers will have their offerings for testing too. Event is a good place to compare different gear and vessels. Try if you can master racing kayak, eskimo roll or will the optimist-boat sail where you intend to steer it.

Food and drinks are brought by cafe Muffinssi and we have sauna warming up too.

You are warmly welcome!
p.s. we are dealing with water, it is good idea to be prepared for changing clothes afterwards.

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Salla Lyytinen
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